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Donetsk People’s Republic/ Luhansk People’s Republic
Registration of Russian citizenship in 3 months foe residents DPR/LPR
Residence permit
Assistance and supporting in obtaining a residence permit.
Resettlement of compatriots
Receiving of resettlement status. Assistance in resettlement programs.
Assistance and supporting in obtaining a quota for a temporary residence permit in the Rostov region.
Registration of Russian citizenship. Obtaining Russian citizenship in a simplified procedure for citizens of Ukraine.
Work permit
Registration of a labor permit for foreign citizens.
Temporary residence permit
Assistance and supporting in obtaining a temporary residence permit in the Rostov region.
The status of a native speaker of Russian language
Assistance in registration of the status a native Russian speaker.
Testing for the citizenship, temporary residence permit, residence permit, patent. Benefits for citizens of the DPR / LPR.

Key concepts

The quota for Temporary Residence Permit


The quota for Temporary Residence Permit is an annual quantitative restriction approved by the government of the Russian Federation on the issuance of temporary residence permits in Russia in a certain region of our country.

Of course, this restriction applies only to those foreign citizens and stateless persons who have no grounds for obtaining a TRP without a quota.

Temporary Residence Permit in Russia

Temporary Residence Permit in Russia is a stamp in the document of a foreign citizen that confirms the right to temporary residence of a foreigner in Russia.

The stamp is placed in the alien's passport or document identifying the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Residence permit

Residence permit - a document issued to a foreign citizen or stateless person confirming their right to permanent residence in the Russian Federation, as well as their right to freely leave the Russian Federation and enter the Russian Federation. The residence permit, issued to the person without citizenship, is simultaneously the document proving his identity.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation

Citizenship of the Russian Federation is a stable legal relationship of a person with the Russian Federation, expressed in the totality of their mutual rights and duties.

Native Russian speaker

Native Russian speaker – is the status of a foreign citizen. The status of a native Russian speaker gives foreigners the right to obtain a residence permit and citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner.

The resettlement of compatriots

The resettlement of compatriots - Obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation is quite long and a time-consuming process which involves two options for obtaining citizenship — on general grounds and in a simplified manner. The General procedure requires to obtain a quota, then a temporary residence permit, a residence permit, with which you will need to live in Russia for at least 5 years. Only after this, you can apply for Russian citizenship.

A work permit for foreign citizens

A work permit for foreign citizens - is a permit to work in Russia for visa-free foreign citizens.

In other words, a work patent for migrants is a document required for every foreign citizen who has arrived in Russia without a visa and who plans to work in the Russian Federation legally.

A migrant can work under a work permit both on the staff of a Legal entity and on the employment of an individual.


You should know that a basic knowledge of the language is required to obtain a temporary residence permit or a residence permit. Obtaining citizenship requires a deeper level of knowledge, which is reflected in the degree of complexity of the examination questions.

We will help you with the preparation and submission.

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